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Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance is a powerful deterrent to both external and internal theft.  We provide state-of-the-art video monitoring for continuous, automated recording. Cameras can also have built-in security videos for motion detection and alarm management so the camera decides when to send video, at what frame rate and resolution, and when to alert a Sonitrol operator.

Our cameras and DVRs can integrate seamlessly with Sonitrol verified audio detection and any other components of your Sonitrol system for even greater security. We offer both local video (recorded and stored at the customer’s location) and hosted video services. Some customers opt for both, with the hosted video serving as a backup.

Hosted Service For Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are commonly used to reconstruct what happened after a crime has been committed, making it a valuable ally in crime deterrence. Sonitrol’s Hosted Video surveillance goes one step further with live, live video capture and recorded video to be viewed by business owners or police responding to an alarm. Our remote security system can be viewed from a computer or smartphone in real-time. Sonitrol New England’s 24-hour local monitoring center can also hear and see what is happening at our customer sites once an alarm is triggered. We can then quickly share what we see with our customers and police partners.

Advantages of Sonitrol Hosted Video:

Scalability and flexibility

You can choose exactly what you need today, and scale the system at any time to meet your growing needs. New technologies, additional cameras, and extra storage capacity can all be easily added as required. Wireless solutions are also available, such as for facilities that need to move cameras on a regular basis or to bridge sites without expensive ground cabling.